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Place your iron on top of an old towel or a clean cloth and set it to steam. (So are these other must-clean items in my studio.) NOTE: For some models, the calc-clean button is in front of the iron handle. Carefully rub it around on the iron plate, but try not to get baking soda in the steam holes. Self Clean function All Philips steam irons. However, not everyone know that you should clean your nonstick iron’s stick plate, or sole plate, and its water reservoir. Adjust the steam level to the self-clean setting and hold it in place. Yes No. Continue rubbing until you remove the gunk. See images for different types) 3. The disk has a metal tab which when the disk distorts pushes on the underside of the steam diaphragm and allows water down into the sole plate. Philips; Rowenta; Russell Hobbs; Tefal; Updated: February 2018 Tips for Cleaning Your Steam Iron. If your iron is looking like it has seen better days then the Philips Soleplate Cleaning Stick is a great solution that will make your iron look like new again. Fortunately, cleaning an iron faceplate isn’t that difficult. This is general cleaning advice - you should always check with the manufacturers specific instructions first. If your iron isn't already nonstick, you can make it nonstick in a few steps to make it easier to clean. Then pump the sprayer a few times either in the air or on a scrap cloth and if your iron has shot of steam do that too it will clean out the holes in the bottom plate where steam comes out as well. Before you start cleaning your iron, make sure the iron is unplugged and allow it to cool completely. A steam iron provides moist heat that removes wrinkles and folds from clothing without the need to apply any harsh chemicals. Make sure to replace your filter on the recommended schedule. The harder the water in your area, the faster scale impurities will develop and solidify if not cleaned away. Place your iron on the SMART CALC CLEAN container. The vast majority of our Philips steam irons offer a number of core features that are suitable for every family including 2400 W power, 320ml reservoir capacity, a SteamGlide soleplate … Dryer sheets work well! Add a small dab of toothpaste to a damp cloth and wipe down the surface of the plate. Whink Steam Iron Cleaner - This product cleans irons as well as faucet heads and other places were grime or mineral deposits accumulate. Then empty it out of the iron. Steam tip allows you to have steam in hard-to-reach areas. Repeat … Made from stainless steel, it’s twice as hard as aluminium, and glides easily, thanks to a titanium layer and 6-level coating. Over time, your steam generator iron will start to build up calc or scale; this happens in all electrical appliances that use water. Prices range from $9 to $10. Español: limpiar una plancha de teflón. While there are many methods to get rid of gunk and residues on your iron, the best way is to refer to your instruction manual on care and maintenance. The container was provided with your steam generator in the box. Detergents and starch can get stuck to the sole plate and minerals from water clog the holes from where the steam is released by the iron. Fill the water tank and turn on. Cleaning your iron regularly keeps steam output at its highest and extends the lifetime of your steam irons. How to clean steam generators. You can also clean the sole plate with toothpaste. Simple to use, and suitable for all types of soleplates, it is a great solution for those stained soleplates. Simply apply it over the hot soleplate and clean it off with a piece of cloth. When the soleplate of your Philips Iron or Steam Generator is stained or has fabric stuck to it, find out how to simply clean it below. Press and hold the CALC CLEAN button for 2 seconds, until it beeps. By using these, your iron gets contaminated and might get damaged or fail. It’s time we start some spring cleaning, and on the top of my list is to clean my iron! Fill the water tank to MAX, turn on the iron and unplug the unit when the light goes out. Remember to let the iron dry completely before use. It's important to keep your steam iron in tip-top condition to improve its longevity and ensure that it always performs as well as the manufacturer intended. so. Other irons may need to be descaled manually. “The auto steam is enabled when the iron reaches temperature and causes a bi-metal disc screwed to the top of the sole plate to distort. sticky. The steam is automatically regulated using Philips’ DynamiQ sensor system, which detects when and how fast the iron is moving and adjusts the steam pressure accordingly. Français: nettoyer un fer à repasser à semelle teflon. (As I am not familiar with this model of iron, not sure whether if has the bottom plate steam vents or not.) Use a cotton swab dipped in water to clean the steam holes on the plate. This can be a handy nudge for the procrastinators among us, but it could also be a pain if you’re hurrying to get a shirt straight while rushing out the door in the morning. Pouring a mix of one part water and one part vinegar into the water chamber of the iron and steaming it out will work wonders. In other languages. Please never use ironing or perfumed water in your Philips steam iron. Shop Online for Philips GC012 Philips Iron Sole Plate Cleaning Stick and more at The Good Guys. Instructions to clean the soleplate of your Philips Iron . The iron will start to clean itself, this will take about 2 minutes. 2. Clean the stainless steel surface of the steam iron on a regular basis. Learn how to clean an iron soleplate to make sure your appliance is working as it should, so that your clothes are wrinkle free and not matted with starch and scorched clothing fibers. Then, wipe it off with a damp cloth. Then, pour a mixture of distilled water and white vinegar into the water reservoir until it is about one-third full. Italiano: Pulire un Ferro da Stiro in Teflon. Clean the soleplate of a steam generator iron in the same way as steam irons. Deutsch: Ein beschichtetes Bügeleisen reinigen. In this manual we will help you with the disassembly of your Philips Azure Steam Iron by offering you a step by step tutorial, by helping you understand how to dissasemble the product we aim to help you with repairs you are making to your steam iron. A soleplate is the business end of the iron – the hot, metal plate that makes contact with clothing, applying heat, pressure and steam. £54.99, Amazon . Why we like it: scale can easily be removed with the help of a quick-release in-built filter which collects particles easily. Even if you have the best steam iron, it still requires a clean soleplate for a more enjoyable ironing experience. Grab a bargain from Australia's leading home appliance store. If you have an especially dirty sole plate, you can also use some fine steel wool to gently rub off any scorch marks that may still be visible. Additionally, a clean iron plate helps the tool function properly. (If your iron has adjustable settings, choose MAX TEMP and NO STEAM.) How to Clean a Steam Iron. 9 Mar. Learn how to descale a steam iron below. If not cleaned from the bottom of the iron immediately, the melted fabric can burn and melt further onto the iron, causing staining and the transfer of debris and stains onto other clothes. Shake your iron to and fro. This is because not all cleaning solutions are suitable for your iron. To learn how to steam clean the inside of a Teflon iron, scroll down! Mandatory iron cleaning systems. Let the iron steam on a medium heat until the tank is empty. Tutorial: How to Clean Your Steam Iron (includes plate + water tank) Tutorial. This will remove any lingering traces of vinegar and dirt from the steam vents. Note: Screws inside the steam Iron may be rusted, therefore it will be difficult/impossible to unscrew them. Keep the iron’s heat on low and rub a few dryer sheets over the soleplates. Dip a cotton swab into the water and vinegar mixture and clean the steam vents of any leftover limescale. Both restore the plate of the steam iron and clean off grime, build-up and burn stains. The Rowenta product is available online and in stores. Boiling water, steam and scale will come out from the steam vents. We recommend using tap or demineralized water for all Philips steam irons. The fabric from some clothes can melt onto the bottom of a steam iron if the iron is too hot when placed onto the fabric, particularly if the fabric is delicate, such as linen or silk. Hold the iron over the sink and activate CALC CLEAN (This varies by model. Demineralized water is the best option to prevent limestone build up in your iron. Fill the tank with water and let it steam until empty. Once it's cooled completely, use a toothpick or cotton swab to remove any residue from the holes in the iron’s soleplate. Did this summary help you? Clean inside of the iron.To clean the inside of a steam iron, you'll need to know if your iron automatically descales water using a replaceable filter. The unique steam tip of this Philips iron, combines a particularly pointed front of the soleplate with special elongated steam slots in the tip, to reach right into the smallest and most difficult areas for the best ironing results. Philips Azur steam iron. Easy to Use. I don’t know about you, but my iron plate is in need of a cleaning; there is so much build-up from spray and applique, and it’s just. Philips steam generator iron. Hold the metal plate of the iron over a sink. Português: Limpar um Ferro de Passar de Teflon. 10. To clean out the steam holes (steam vents), use a damp cotton swab. - The Philips iron soleplate cleaning stick easily removes stains from the soleplate of your iron, making it spotless for optimum gliding quality. It has great scratch resistancy, glides excellent and is easy to clean. It shines the iron plate, removes debris and water stains (build-up). The Azur Elite uses Philips’ best soleplate, the SteamGlide Advanced. Find more ironing accessories here. The steam iron that is right for you will depend on the individual requirements of your household. Some irons have mandatory cleaning systems - the iron will stop producing steam until it’s been cleaned.

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