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Refers to the tactics of Senator Joseph McCarthy, who in the 1950s destroyed the careers of many prominent Americans by branding them Communists. Language matters a lot in politics, which is why learning political word origins can make or break your understanding of government. To vote by ballot. The term originated in 1879, when Ohio Senator John Sherman made a trip home that most people considered a political visit. 3. the conducting of or participation in political affairs, often as a profession. ; exploit a political system or political relationships. An observer once wrote that the mad rush of politicians to get their district's share of treasury funds looked like slaves rushing to the pork barrel. ; sometimes, specif., crafty or unprincipled methods. 2. political affairs. Although many of us are suspicious of the election results of 2020, is there actually any documented proof concerning election fraud. Those who espouse an ideology are sometimes criticized as rigid and narrow-minded. In the 2016 presidential contest adherents to both of the major political parties leveled accusations that the system by which candidates are chosen was rigged. TM ® & © 2016 Scholastic Inc. All Rights Reserved. Winning candidates are said to have coattails when they drag candidates for lower office along with them to victory. A vocabulary list featuring 100 words associated with political scandal. affairs noun. Following are some examples of political jargon. Political Action Committee (PAC) An organization created to raise money in support or opposition of a particular candidate or candidates. Such inquiries are likened to fishing because they pull up whatever they happen to catch. Definition of politics. Word. Analysis of current/today's world news of politics & political debates. The shape of one new district supposedly resembled a salamander, provoking a Boston newspaper editor to say, "Salamander? … 1 Timothy 2: 1-4 I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, … noun. Related words. Machine Politics: Politics controlled by a tightly-run organization that stresses discipline and rewards its supporters. Thankfully, for Christians, the Bible isn’t silent on the issues either. Popularized by President Richard Nixon, who claimed that Vietnam War protesters comprised a minority, while a "silent majority" supported the war. affairs noun. Biden’s inauguration now gives the Democrats an unbroken monopoly on power not only in the executive branch of government, but also in the House of Representatives and in the Senate…. It was October 30, 2008, days away from the presidential election. Pundit: A political analyst, commentator, or columnist who usually works for a newspaper or magazine, or in broadcasting. Christians, constitutionalists, and patriots are no doubt discouraged and somewhat despondent over the current direction of the United States of America now that the new administration has assumed power in Washington DC and that the left is now in control of the Congress. Each state is assigned a certain number of delegates based on its population. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Political terminology. Most of the analysis, even from mainstream conservative outlets, that people have received concerning this decision has been somewhat superficial, not fully explaining the gravity of the circumstances. 1 a : the art or science of government. The term originated in 1811, when Governor Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts signed a bill that changed districts to favor the Democrats. At the below links, we invite you to watch our mini series entitled “America on the Brink.” Here, Drs. The noun politics can be countable or uncountable.. ", Stump: To campaign in person on a local level, Swing Vote: The undecided, usually independent, portion of the electorate that can "swing" the outcome of an election one way or the other. When politicians traveled by train, small towns were called whistle-stops. Filmmakers talk about "panning" and "fading." How has it been received? Front Burner: Where an issue is placed when it must be dealt with immediately, Gerrymander: The reorganization of voting districts by the party in power to insure more votes for their candidates. Sherman insisted, however, that he was home "only to repair my fences.". However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be politics e.g. Refers to the penchant of many political operatives for smoking cigars. Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina set the record in 1957 by speaking for more than 24 hours without stopping. How bad is the situation? Related words. Political jargon is the shared language of catch phrases spoken by those in politics. I can still remember one of the scariest sentences ever uttered by a politician. 4. political methods, tactics, etc. Because there is no rule in the Senate over how long a member can speak, a Senator can prevent a bill from coming up for a vote by talking endlessly. It should directly contain very few, if any, pages and should mainly contain subcategories. As this name implies, the purpose of this blog is to shine the light of God’s Word into the political arena, upon culture at large, and upon contemporary geo-political trends. Refers to witch hunts in 17th-century Salem, Massachusetts, where many innocent women accused of witchcraft were burned at the stake or drowned. Find below definitions and meanings of Politics. Terms such as social distancing, contact tracing, shutdown order, and superspreader were all catapulted into our everyday language by the coronavirus pandemic. Wide World of News. (archaic) Of or relating to polity, or civil government; political. Concerning a polity or its administrative components. If we don't currently have any definitions there is a link to check definitions on Google. Pastors’ Point of View Episode number 130. Retailers talk about "floor sales" and "back orders." Shadow Minister: A minister in opposition to the elected party. Welcome to The Word on Politics! the government of a country. in reference to various types of politics or a collection of politics. Many political words are similarly abused. Not only have these riots occurred in practically every major city in the United States, but such rioting has now become a worldwide phenomenon…, America on the Brink (4-Part Video Series). ", Reactionary: A militant conservative; opposite of "radical," which means ultraliberal. Of or relating to views about social relationships that involve power or … Whip: The party member who makes sure that all other members are present for crucial votes and that they vote in accordance with the party line. Witch Hunt: A vindictive, often irrational, investigation that preys on public fears. Its mastery is a must for political journalists. c : the art or science concerned with winning and holding control over a government. administration noun. Politician: Person who has been elected and works professionally in politics. associative adjective. Big Government: A negative term, used mainly by conservatives to describe government programs in areas where they believe government shouldn't be involved, especially those that spend money on social problems, Bipartisan: A cooperative effort by two political parties, Bleeding Heart: A term describing people whose hearts "bleed" with sympathy for the downtrodden; used to criticize liberals who favor government spending for social programs, Bully Pulpit: The Presidency, when used by the President to inspire or moralize. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be politics.. What transpires in the polis is politics. What can be done to stop this? What does politics mean? General words relating to politics and government - thesaurus. Rubber Chicken Circuit: The endless series of public dinners and luncheons politicians must attend to raise funds and make speeches. Politics are polarizing because the different opinions about the role of government and application of laws run such a wide—and impassioned—spectrum of beliefs and philosophy. events and activities relating to the government, politics, economy etc of a country, region, or the world. Pages in this category should be moved to subcategories where applicable. Silent Majority: The mass of Americans whose opinions are not loud and public, but who together have enormous power. Delegate: A representative to a party's national convention chosen by local voters to vote for a particular candidate. politics definition: 1. the activities of the government, members of law-making organizations, or people who try to…. Nomination: When a political party chooses its official candidate for a particular office, Nominee: The candidate chosen by a political party to run for a particular office, Photo-Op: Short for "photo opportunity," an event staged specifically for news cameras to help a politician appear in magazines and newspapers, on television, or online, Platform: The positions that a party adopts, and stands on, at the beginning of an election campaign, Political Party: An organization that seeks to achieve political power by electing its members to public office, Political Suicide: A vote or action that is likely to be so unpopular with voters as to cause a politician's probable loss in the next election, Poll: A survey used to gauge public opinion concerning issues or to forecast an election. Slate: Candidates for various offices running as a team; or a group of delegates running on behalf of one candidate. Ballot paper. Why did he make it? Open to contributions by scholars, World Politics invites submission of research articles that make theoretical and empirical contributions to the literature, and review articles bearing on problems in international relations and comparative politics. the government of a country. Rig is a word with a great many meanings in English, many of which have to do with outfitting something (such as a ship) with necessary gear. What exactly do politicians mean when they talk about a "lame duck" or a "rubber chicken"? Political Party: An organization that seeks to achieve political power by electing its members to public office Political Suicide: A vote or action that is likely to be so unpopular with voters as to cause a politician's probable loss in the next election Use these lesson plans, activities, and ideas to give students a wealth of words to use as they express themselves. There are those who are seemingly obsessed with the erasing our national history on the grounds that the United States of America was founded as an oppressive, genocidal, racist colonial power. We trust that they will be a blessing to you in the midst of your Independence Day celebrations. Spin: A politician's attempt to shape the way the public looks at an issue or event, much the way a tennis player uses spin to direct the ball. Coattails: The power of a popular candidate to gather support for other candidates in his or her party. Yet, how was our country systematically moved away from its Judeo-Christian foundation and instead toward the murky sands of secular humanism of today? Aristotle (b. Derived from a Hindi phrase meaning "learned one. “government agencies multiplied beyond the control of representative politics ”. Whenever the President seeks to rouse the American people, he is said to be speaking from the bully pulpit. The vocabulary of political corruption. Shining the light of God’s Word into the political arena, upon culture at large, and upon contemporary geo-political trends. The notion of politics is derived from the Greek word polis meaning a “city-state‖ such as Athens or Sparta. As a young man he studied in Plato's Academy in Athens. Former U.S. Sen. Joseph McCarthy (see McCarthyism) is often cited as a classic demagogue. Others seek to alter the past by contending that America’s founding fathers were non-biblically-based Deists who knew virtually nothing concerning the God of the Bible. My friend Brannon Howse, along with his colleagues Mike Lindell (CEO of MyPillow) and Mary Fanning have produced a documentary entitled “Absolute Proof” where they bring forth such irrefutable evidence. Ballot. b : the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy. After Plato's death he left Athens to conduct philosophical and biological research in Asia Mino… 1. the science and art of political government; political science.

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