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März von einer Freundin verabschiedete und im Dunkeln den Nachhauseweg antrat. As it has certainly woken some MP’s from theirs…. Sarah Everard wurde ermordet, ... dass das nicht passiert. [45] Another in Russell Square, although also officially cancelled,[46][47] saw a few people lighting candles. Dass die britische Grünen-Politikerin Jenny Jones eine […], […] Everard sei von interessierter Seite ausgenutzt worden, um von anderen Themen abzulenken, aber auch diese Theorie kann eine Ablenkung in sich sein. He was later posted to the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command in February 2020, where he was mostly sent on uniformed patrol duties of diplomatic premises, including a range of embassies. But where was the outrage last year when peaceful anti-lockdown protesters were set upon and arrested by the same police force? I don’t think Sarah would have wanted them, or men in general, to be smeared with the same brush as her attacker. Laughable. Sarah Everard was born in Surrey in 1987. He joined the metropolitan police force in September 2018, where he worked with a response team that covered Bromley. [22], On 16 March, police continued to comb woodland in Kent and specialist divers searched underwater for Everard's mobile phone. [4], At 16:20 on 10 March, police searching Hoad's Wood[13] near Ashford, Kent, found human remains in a large builder's bag. This unfortunate event has been hijacked and politicised to the extreme, its real purpose to divide a nation even further, and distract from other events which are currently playing out. The kidnapping and murder of a young woman named Sarah Everard is a tragedy. [27], On 11 March, Couzens was briefly hospitalised for a head injury sustained in custody, after which he was returned to a police station. Refusing to partake in a vigil for their murdered friend as the sad situation has been hijacked. It is currently succeeding in its purpose to divide a nation and distract from other events which are currently playing out. [43] Vigils still took place in several British cities, including Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Nottingham and Sheffield. Of the 694 murdered, 443 were white and 105 were black. If it was then it has certainly backfired spectacularly. [29][9] The plea hearing and provisional trial are set for 9 July and 25 October 2021 respectively. Is it just a coincidence that this woman, Patsy Stevenson is an actress? One on Highbury Fields attracted about 50 participants. Then please click the ‘Donate Now’ button to donate by card, Categories: Breaking News, Did You Know?, Latest News, Opinion Pages, The Expose Blog, World News, […] sei von interessierter Seite ausgenutzt worden, um von anderen Themen abzulenken, aber auch diese Theorie kann eine Ablenkung in sich sein. "Sie schrieb, sie wisse, dass Worte nicht ändern können, was passiert ist." Three days later the barmaid’s friends found her mutilated body in a derelict hut in Finsbury Park. “Around 6pm, more people began to gather close to the bandstand within the Common. She was raised in York, where she attended Fulford School. [41][42] Cambridge also was scheduled to go online. [53] By 6 p.m., a crowd of several hundred had congregated at the park's bandstand to hear speeches from Sisters Uncut. Every month by paying your TV license you donate £13.33 to the BBC who broadcast government propaganda and lies. [9], On 11 March, Home Secretary Priti Patel released a statement saying that "every woman should feel safe to walk on our streets without fear of harassment or violence",[31] and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan stated that London streets are not safe for women or girls. Throughout the early part of the day, hundreds of people attended to pay their respects. Das ist Täter-Opfer-Umkehr und muss aufhören. A sadistic sex attacker was jailed for her murder in which he reportedly struck Iluliana over the head with a bottle, and then stabbed her in the neck, abdomen and wrists with a broken bottle. [28] He sustained a further head injury in custody the following day, again being briefly hospitalised for treatment. [11] On 10 March, the day Everard's remains were discovered, he was re-arrested on suspicion of murder. [71], Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services,, "Sarah Everard profile: 'Caring and fun-filled' marketing executive attracted friends wherever she went", "York head teacher speaks of 'great sadness' at former pupil's disappearance", "Who is missing woman Sarah Everard and what do we know about her? [59][62][63] Assistant Commissioner Helen Ball said the action was necessary because "hundreds of people were packed tightly together, posing a very real risk of easily transmitting COVID-19", and the Metropolitan Police Federation said that 26 police officers were assaulted. This is a flawed argument as when the intense media coverage began there was not a suspect. article written by one of Sarah Everard’s friends for Spiked, Hate PayPal? But the question remains, why has the kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard managed to garner so much media attention? Got a story you think the public needs to hear? ‘When I first heard of the vigil for Sarah on Clapham Common I was looking forward to attending – it felt good to be able to ‘do something’ and express my love for Sarah and my sorrow for what has happened to her. The Oxford / Astrazeneca vaccine has been suspended by 14 countries due to concerns about adverse reactions, these countries include Denmark, Italy, South Africa and Austria. Sarah Everard was born in Surrey in 1987. Die 33-Jährige hatte ihre Freundin auf ein Glas Wein besucht. [4][5][12] CCTV footage from a bus passing her route at 21:35 also assisted the investigation. [52], The direct action group Sisters Uncut encouraged people to attend "with your sadness and your rage". She gave a chuckle and said "I can't say" or something along those lines. But you have been warned – the tragic kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard has been hijacked and politicised to the extreme. Sarah Everard verschwand am Heimweg von ihrer Freundin. [50] Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, attended, with Kensington Palace releasing a statement saying that the Duchess "remembers what it was like to walk around London at night before she was married". Nach dem gewaltsamen Tod von Sarah Everard, die auf ihrem Heimweg starb, wird der Fall der verstorbenen Blessing Olusegun wieder aktuell. But we cannot forget who is responsible for these events being allowed to happen. Also thanks in part to the fact we have now entered spring and the alleged SARS-CoV-2 is of course a seasonal virus. Jetzt teilen Frauen in den Sozialen Medien Tipps, … Most people, and indeed men, are good. Festgenommen wurde ein Polizist. Footage of police brutality was captured throughout the whole evening as evidenced in the above video and outrage from the British public has followed at the fact these women were not able to protest. [70][71][72] the police response was described as "hands-off" and "markedly different" to that on 13 March. Sarah Everard, originally from York, had left her friend’s house in Leathwaite Road around 9pm on the 3rd March. [29], Couzens was charged with Everard's kidnapping and murder on 12 March, following authorisation from the Crown Prosecution Service. Why has it managed to suppress the 24/7 coverage of the alleged pandemic which has littered the mainstream airways for the past year? These speeches then attracted more people to gather closer together. The above image will forever more be symbolic of the suppression of women. The Metropoliton Police in London has come under widespread criticism for handcuffing protesters who had gathered to mourn Sarah Everard, a 33 … Her body was found in woodland near Ashford, Kent, a week later. [23][24], On 9 March, Kent Police arrested Wayne Couzens, a 48-year-old Metropolitan Police constable and firearms officer,[25] at his home in Deal,[26] on suspicion of kidnapping. "[64][66][67][68] HMICFRS also concluded that the Met had incorrectly interpreted coronavirus-related restrictions due to legal confusion, and that not all demonstrations during a Tier 4 lockdown are unlawful. Her body was found in woodland near Ashford, Kent, a week later. Fourty-eight year old, metropolitan police officer – Wayne Couzens was remanded in custody at the end of the hearing and the case is set to be heard at the Old Bailey on the 16th March. The first being – why did the Sarah Everard case get so much media attention? Every news channel, newspaper and radio station has talked of nothing but. What is so special about this event? To create a problem, watch the reaction play out, and then offer the solution – do not be fooled. Es ist unser schlimmster Horror – und wir leben tagtäglich mit dieser Angst. Yet over 9 million people (As of the 28th February) and counting have received at least one dose of this emergency approved experimental vaccine in the United Kingdom, Deaths in care homes increased by 42%, eight weeks after the vaccination roll-out began on the 8th December 2020, with. Police confirming it would be illegal under the current regulations which have restricted the rights and freedoms of the British people for the past year, and what a “vigil” it was…. ", "Sarah Everard: Met officer questioned after remains found", "Sarah Everard: An 'incredibly kind friend' who was hugely excited for her future", "Sarah Everard: new CCTV footage of missing woman emerges", "Sarah Everard: Met Police officer Wayne Couzens in court", "Scotland Yard officer arrested on suspicion of murder in Sarah Everard case", "Sarah Everard disappearance: Met officer arrested on suspicion of murder", "Sarah Everard's body found in builder's bag, court told", "Sarah Everard death: Inquest opened and adjourned", "Remains found in hunt for missing Sarah", "Human remains found in the search for missing London woman Sarah Everard", "Sarah Everard's attacker 'was a stranger, "Sarah Everard: body found in Kent woodland is that of missing woman", "Sarah Everard: Body found in woodland confirmed as that of missing woman", "Sarah Everard: 33-year-old's body found in large bag, court hears as police officer remanded into custody", "Waterside path and recycling bin cordoned off in Sarah search", "Sarah Everard: officers investigating killing cordon off area in Sandwich", "Sarah Everard killing: Police search Sandwich town centre", "Police continue to comb woodland and water in Everard investigation", "Police trawl through woods in hunt for Sarah Everard's mobile", "Officer in custody as human remains found in hunt for Sarah Everard", "Sarah Everard: Met police officer charged with kidnap and murder", "British Police Officer Charged With Murder in Killing of Sarah Everard", "Sarah Everard case: Met police faces watchdog investigation", "Sarah Everard: Wayne Couzens appears in court charged with murder", "Sarah Everard: Murder and kidnap charges authorised", "A statement on the Sarah Everard investigation", "London streets not safe for women or girls, admits Sadiq Khan", "Sarah Everard: Victims will shape harassment policy, insists Priti Patel", "Sarah Everard suspect: Met faces inquiry over indecent exposure claim", "£525,000 raised in memory of Sarah Everard will go to grassroots charity groups", "Reclaim These Streets vigil for Sarah Everard cancelled after talks with police break down", "Priti Patel wanted police to stop people gathering at Sarah Everard vigil", "Sarah Everard: Reclaim These Streets vigil in south London cancelled, organisers say", "Sarah Everard vigil organisers lose court challenge", "Sarah Everard vigil at Holyrood cancelled after Covid warnings", "Sarah Everard: Cardiff vigil moves online after High Court ruling", "Cambs 'Reclaim these Streets' vigil moves online as London event cancelled", "In Pictures: Sarah Everard vigils held across country", "Women will live in fear until we see change", "Fundraiser set up as '#ReclaimTheseStreets' vigil in Russell Square called off", "Violence against women: 'Solutions can start in the school classroom, "Cressida Dick under pressure after police clashes tarnish vigil for Sarah Everard", "Kate Middleton turns up to banned vigil to 'pay respects' to Sarah Everard", "Kate writes 'deeply personal and heartfelt letter' to Sarah Everard's family", "Britain's Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, mingles with people mourning murder victim Sarah Everard", "Sarah Everard: What went wrong at the Clapham vigil? Ich hatte fast ein bisschen Mitleid mit dem Mann. So what was so special about this case? Would love your thoughts, please comment. T here was a solemn silence in Nottingham at a vigil held in memory of Sarah Everard on Saturday, with 100 people gathered around a statue of the … The last known sighting of Ms Everard was captured on a doorbell camera just after 9.30pm showing her walking alone toward Tulse Hill. Can you help us to compete with the Mainstream Media? "Sie schrieb, sie wisse, dass Worte nicht ändern können, was passiert ist." With Priti Patel responsible for enforcing it. On the evening of 3 March 2021, 33-year-old marketing executive Sarah Everard disappeared in South London. Couzens was charged with kidnapping and murder two days later, following identification of the remains as those of Everard.[1]. In Indien ist ein Vergewaltigungsopfer auf dem Weg zu einer Anhörung vor Gericht mit Benzin übergossen und angezündet worden. We do wonder if the events that took place last night at what was billed as a vigil to the kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard, were supposed to get the public on side and support the dictatorial powers of which the Government longs for now that it has had a taste of them over the past year. However, in one interview JKR was asked what happened to her that she was so traumatized afterwards. [60] Mayor Khan called the police actions and arrests "neither appropriate nor proportionate". "Sie schrieb, sie wisse, dass Worte nicht ändern können, was passiert ist." [25], A woman in her 30s was arrested at his address on suspicion of assisting an offender[15] but subsequently released without charge. Where was the call for a 6pm curfew for men to make women safer in 2018? Before we proceed we need to state that we are in no way belittling or downplaying the severity of this horrific crime. Es macht unendlich traurig, betroffen und ohnmächtig zu lesen, was der 33-jährigen Sarah Everard passiert ist. [57][58] Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, called the police response "deeply disturbing";[59] Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he was "deeply concerned" by footage of the events. They also said that the police response was a "public relations disaster" with a "materially adverse effect on public confidence in policing"; the review added, "We acknowledge that a more conciliatory response might have served the force's interests better. I will not be blaming ‘men’ or ‘the police’ for the actions of one individual. Hinter dem Mordanschlag werden die mutmaßlichen Vergewaltiger vermutet. die mögliche herausforderung ist zu einem zeitpunkt der anbringung von angenehmigkeit über die polizei und die … Kate wohnte vor ihrer Beziehung mit William gemeinsam mit ihrer Schwester Pippa Middleton in einer Wohnung nur wenige Kilometer entfernt von der Gegend, in der Sarah Everard verschwand. „Sturm der Liebe“-„Nadja“ verlässt die Serie – das ist passiert. Then please click the ‘Donate Now’ button to donate by card, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), We’ve crunched the numbers and only 0.01% of people reading this support us in our fight to keep bringing you the facts the mainstream refuse to…. [64][66] A whistleblower alleged that the reviewers had demonstrated a pro-police and anti-protestor bias while compiling the report, with the reviewing panel comprised almost entirely of police offers. [3] She read Human Geography at St Cuthbert's Society, Durham University, from 2005 to 2008. The disappearance and death of Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old marketing executive from South London, and the arrest of a police officer accused of murdering her, has sparked a national outcry in the United Kingdom over violence against women. Since March 2020 we have seen nothing but propaganda and coverage of the alleged Covid-19 pandemic. [40] Events planned for Edinburgh and Cardiff were officially cancelled in favour of online events. Well whilst the British public are distracted by this coverage, and whilst the mainstream gives a voice to those calling for men to be put on a 6pm curfew here’s what is not being reported to the British public…. [15], Couzens joined the Metropolitan Police in September 2018[26] and was assigned to the Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection branch,[10] which is responsible for uniformed protection of government and diplomatic premises. A young woman, restrained on the ground by metropolitan police officers for attending a “vigil” in protest against the kidnapping and murder of another young woman, by a metropolitan police officer. Speaking about Everard and her … [20][21] The Mayor of Sandwich, Jeff Franklin, estimated that 1 square mile (2.6 km2) of the town was restricted by the cordon. Hate PayPal? Perhaps even more symbolic for the fact the woman is wearing a mask – the ultimate symbol of subjugation. Sie konnten sie am donnerstag nicht kontaktieren, als sie die polizei bei ca. [54] Four people were arrested for public-order offences and for breaching the Coronavirus Act 2020. I can’t speak for all of them, but my reason for not attending is this: my friend’s tragic death has been hijacked. Sarah Everard getötet: Elite-Polizist in London wegen Mordes an junger Frau angeklagt Tagesspiegel; POLIZEI UNTER DRUCK: Knallharter Einsatz gegen Mahnwache für ermordete Frau sorgt für Empörung WELT Nachrichtensender; Proteste nach Sarah Everards Ermordung: Sie haben genug RP ONLINE; Proteste in London: Keine guten Tage für Frauen ZEIT ONLINE Councillor Angela Mason and others[48] criticised the police handling of this small vigil, which included asking local journalists to leave. ), and I feel certain she would not agree with the circumstances of her disappearance being used to promote these kinds of ideas.‘, Even Sarah’s own friends can see this for what it really is. Der gewaltsame Tod von Sarah Everard hat Großbritannien erschüttert. [65] The HMICFRS report also said "Condemnation of the Met’s actions within mere hours of the vigil – including from people in positions of responsibility – was unwarranted, showed a lack of respect for public servants facing a complex situation, and undermined public confidence in policing based on very limited evidence." [4][6][7], At around 21:00 GMT on 3 March 2021, Everard left the house of a friend near Clapham Junction to the west of Clapham Common. In 2020 the rate of murder in the UK was 11.7 per 1 million people, there were a total of 694 murders, of which 506 were male victims and 188 were female. Und Sarah Everard ist das passiert, was Frauen jeden Abend, jede Nacht, wann immer sie auf dem Heimweg sind, alleine unterwegs sind, fürchten. Sie wurde lebensgefährlich verletzt. The fact this was carried out by a police officer makes it arguably worse, considering they are supposed to serve and protect the public. I would have laughed at it if it wasn’t such an utterly awful situation. “At this point, officers on the ground were faced with a very difficult decision. 20.00 uhr benachrichtigten. The police have formally identified the body of a woman found in woodland in Kent, to be that of Sarah Everard. Donate via PayPal She read Human Geography at St Cuthbert's Society, Durham University, from 2005 to 2008. It is not a tribute to her any more, it’s about something else – and I don’t like what it has become. Die 33-jährige Sarah Everard war Anfang März mutmaßlich von einem Polizisten von einer Straße ... hieß es weiter. Sarah Everard Case: The United Kingdom is once again embroiled in a different controversy, and the latest being disappearance and death of a 33-year-old marketing executive known as Sarah Everard from South London followed by the arrest of a police officer accused of murdering her.

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