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In particular, as in the United States, the European ruling class consciously pursues a policy of herd immunity on COVID-19. All member states will participate in this effort, taking into account national circumstances and considerations of fairness and solidarity. Angela Merkel. The European Council will return to the issue at its December meeting to agree a new emissions reduction target for 2030 and the submission of the EU’s updated nationally determined contribution (NDC) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change before the end of the year. The 1st Africa-Europe Summit took place in Cairo on 3-4 April 2000, under the aegis of the OAU and the EU. The European Council urged Turkey to reverse these actions and work for the easing of tensions in a consistent and sustained manner. Share This: Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Linkedin. On 15 and 16 October, EU leaders met in Brussels to discuss the epidemiological situation, relations with the United Kingdom, climate change and foreign affairs, in particular relations with Africa. twitter icon. Committees and working parties handle the preparatory work on files before they are discussed at Council meetings. Other cookies are used to boost performance and guarantee security of the website. As regards the Internal Market Bill tabled by the UK government, the European Council recalled that the withdrawal agreement and its protocols must be fully and timely implemented. 14-09-2020. Main results. Pre-order your Brochure. EU leaders agreed to continue the coordination effort, regarding: EU leaders also discussed the next steps to ensure the development and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. It will definitely happen. The situation is similarly catastrophic in Spain with 3,722 infections and 113 deaths and Britain (6,968/66). 15 October 2020. comments ... the "starkest" point of difference ahead of Thursday's two-day EU leaders' summit. We know that these foreign subsidies from third countries can significantly distort the functioning of our Single Market, and disadvantage EU market operators.”. Joint statement following the 22nd EU-Ukraine Summit, 6 October 2020. For a general strike to halt the resurgence of COVID-19 in Europe. The EU declared its “full solidarity with Greece and Cyprus” in the Mediterranean dispute, and that it “welcomes” recent attempts to negotiate a delimitation of Greek and Turkish maritime claims. The European Council discussed its intention to work with its African partners and boost investment. Geert Laporte, ECDPM commentary, 14 September 2020. Thank you for attending Cloud Foundry Summit Europe. 09/12/2020. In her remarks von der Leyen left no doubt that the EU’s industrial and foreign policy offensive will be accompanied by a new round of austerity measures only intensifying the social devastation and impoverishment of workers across the continent. EU leaders are also committed to strengthening EU support to health systems and the reinforcement of partners’ preparedness and response capacity. Leaders invited the Commission to conduct in-depth consultations with member states to assess the specific situations and to provide more information about the impact at member statesʼ level. Council and European Council documents are made available through the public register, in accordance with EU rules on transparency. Your web browser is out of date! With a trillion euros of trade at stake, they’re likely to press him to intensify talks. But then COVID-19 happened. Also known informally as the EU Council, it is where national ministers from each EU country meet to adopt laws and coordinate policies. To meet the objective of a climate-neutral EU by 2050, in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement, the EU needs to increase its ambition for the coming decade. This reactionary “agenda” of offering Turkish firms more access to EU markets while ordering Ankara to block Middle Eastern refugees from traveling to Europe, however, depends on Turkish compliance with EU policy on the eastern Mediterranean and the Caucasus. After a long palaver, a decision was finally taken: the summit will be postponed to 2021, although a date still needs to be fixed. Ahead of the Summit, an Africa-EU Leaders’ meeting will take place on 9th December 2020, to maintain the momentum of our outreach at its highest level. Version of 12 October The European Security Summit Connecting the dots across the security landscape 13 – 15 October 2020 | An Online Event Tuesday 13 October 09:00 – 09:20 Virtual Platform and Networking area opening 09:20 – 09:30 Welcome by Forum Europe 09:30 – 10:20 Summit opening keynote session: João Gomes Cravinho, Minister of Defence, Portugal While maintaining a deafening silence on the US election crisis, the EU heads of state signaled they would continue their murderous herd immunity policies and advanced an aggressive foreign policy targeting Turkey, Russia and China. 5th AU-EU Summit: Investing in Youth for a Sustainable Future. “With regards to industry”, she explained, “the priority is to join forces in key strategic areas and ensure our industry can compete on a global scale. You can also take a look at Council publications, access the archives and search for legislation that the Council negotiates together with the European Parliament. Solidarity and cooperation in the fight against the pandemic, including the development of vaccines and their distribution, are crucial. It opted for a carrot-and stick approach. While Greece and Turkey nearly went to war this summer, the Armenian-Azeri war also poses the danger of a clash between the two powers’ main respective regional backers, Russia and Turkey. What this means is clear: the trillions of euros handed over to the banks and big corporations must be squeezed out of the working class again. The COVID-19 pandemic is a turning point in world history, an event comparable in scale and impact to the Great Depression and the two world wars. Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has been briefing EU leaders ahead of a summit in Brussels from Thursday (October 15). The week after the U.K. negotiators could come to Brussels. If these differences are not resolved by an EU summit on 15-16 October, the window for an agreement will rapidly close. It scheduled a March 2021 meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The European Council brings together EU leaders at least four times a year. "After more than six years since this tragic event, the 298 victims and their next of kin deserve justice," the leaders said. On the topic of vaccines, they also encouraged cooperation at global level. Building on this, we can do more to harness the enormous potential of our relationship.". Central European Summer Time (CEST), UTC +2 . 1. They welcomed the work done so far at EU level and stressed further the need for a robust authorisation and monitoring process, the building of vaccination capacity in the EU, and fair and affordable access to vaccines. Austria backs Cypriot bid to discipline Turkey over east Med crisis, while others focus on Lukashenko’s Belarus. 0. The press office holds press events, offers audiovisual coverage of major events and provides facilities for journalists. Thursday October 15 EU Summit - Brexit trade talk deadline? With your permission, we will use AT internet cookies to produce aggregated, anonymous data about our visitors' browsing and behaviour on our website. It's crunch time in Brussels, as European leaders meet physically for the first time since October. Also the numbers in Eastern Europe are exploding with daily record infections and deaths in Poland (2,292/27), Czech Republic (1,762/21)), Romania (2,343/53), Ukraine (4,633/68) and Russia (9,412/186). While pursuing sanctions against Lukashenko for allegedly stealing the Belarusian elections, the EU said nothing about Trump’s threats to steal the US elections. “First of all, we are carrying out a comprehensive review on how to adapt EU competition rules. … The European Union, often predicted to be divided and impotent, has thanks to this crisis made a historic step towards unity, sovereignty and solidarity.”. And we fully trust and support our chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, to continue negotiations.”. The event will bring heads of state, leading business figures, and senior officials from Europe and the United States to Estonia. The EU-African Union Summit in 2021 will be the culminating moment when African and European Heads of State and Government meet to determine joint priorities for their common future. Marc Chandler is Chief Market Strategist at Bannockburn Global Forex. Thank you to all the attendees and sponsors that joined us virtually this year. Meanwhile, the August elections in Belarus remain disputed, and war broke out this week between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Caucasus, threatening military escalation in this explosive region. The General Secretariat of the Council is a body of staff responsible for assisting the European Council and the Council of the EU. ... International Summit International ministerial meetings ... 22 October 2021. This year was supposed to be crucial for Africa-Europe relations, culminating in the sixth AU-EU Summit, scheduled for 28 and 29 October in Brussels. The European powers led by Germany and France are also exploiting the crisis to press ahead with their great power plans—against Russia and China, but also against the United States. Michel Barnier. The European Council reaffirmed its conclusions of 1 and 2 October 2020 and deplored renewed unilateral and provocative actions by Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean, including recent exploratory activities. The WSWS has characterized the pandemic as a “trigger event,” which accelerated the already far advanced social, economic, and geopolitical crises of world capitalism. EU leaders met in Brussels on Thursday at the start of a two-day summit to seek a way out of the Brexit impasse as the bloc remained divided over ambitious targets to slash greenhouse gas emissions. EU leaders will discuss relations with Ankara at their summit during the first two days of October. brussels bureau. You can get in contact to arrange a visit, ask questions about the work of both institutions, and request a document, among other services. The European Council discussed the Commission’s communication on ‘Stepping up Europe’s 2030 climate ambition’, including the proposed emissions reduction target of at least 55% by 2030, and the actions required to achieve that ambition. The British prime minister will decide after a two-day EU summit concludes on Friday whether to walk away from the talks based on whether he thinks the bloc is serious about reaching a … Marie-Christine Poisson-Carvajal PFIZER Head of TMF and Registry. We will use this data to improve your experience on our website. The date for the Summit has not been finalized yet although a tentative timeframe for October 2020 has been floated. European Council conclusions, 15-16 October 2020. We recommend you update your browser to receive the best possible browsing experience. However, the Summit was postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On the contrary: In her press statement at the end of the summit President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen made clear that the deadly back-to-work campaign is a key component of the EU’s strategy to position itself as an industrial and foreign policy power pursuing its imperialist interests against its international rivals. The next AU-EU summit is planned to take place in October of this year during the German EU Council Presidency. The pandemic has also intensified the preparations of the imperialist powers for war. Turkey and the EU have long been at loggerheads over a number of issues, including migration and Ankara’s involvement in Syria and Libya. The multimedia platform of the Council of the European Union offering free of charge broadcast-quality videos (MPEG4) and photos (JPEG) of all important events and activities Karen Roy PHLEXGLOBAL Chief Strategy Officer. In the year of the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona process, the European Council agreed to hold a strategic discussion on the Southern Neighbourhood in December 2020. The headquarters of the Council of the EU and the European Council are located in Brussels (Belgium). View the Schedule. You May Also Like. Jamie Marie Toth DAIICHI SANKYO, INC First published on Fri 2 Oct 2020 11.02 EDT. The Council of the EU is the institution representing the member states' governments. "The EU is Africa’s biggest trading, investment and development partner. Yesterday France reported 12,148 infections and 136 deaths. ... Mon 12 Oct 2020 00:13:02 GMT. Cyprus president Nicos Anastasiades (L) and Greece's prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis arrive for the EU summit in Brussels, Belgium, October 2, 2020. With Washington mounting a military build-up in the Pacific and imposing trade tariffs to halt China’s economic rise, the EU also demanded investment deals to ensure EU access to profits in China and criticized China’s “human rights situation.” However, the difference in tone from that of US policy towards China was unmistakable. 2020 SUMMIT CO-CHAIRS Wendy Beeby TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICALS Director, Clinical Document Management and Trial Support. To help address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the European Council is committed to furthering international debt relief for African countries within the relevant multilateral frameworks. EU leaders asked the Council to prepare a common approach in this respect by the end of November 2020. The EU wants to extend its partnership with Africa on its economic transformation, in parallel with the green and digital transformation. Turkey has opened talks with Greece on that issue, and with Russia in an apparent attempt to broker a peace deal in the Caucasus. Incoherently, it did not impose sanctions on Lukashenko himself, however, as it tries to keep its options open for political operations inside the former Soviet Union. The European Council called upon the Russian Federation to continue the trilateral negotiations between Australia, the Netherlands and the Russian Federation with regard to the downing of flight MH17. The EU asked China to “assume greater responsibility in dealing with global challenges” and for “coherent efforts” to intensify EU-China diplomatic ties. The meeting came amid an unprecedented international political crisis. European Council, 21-22 October 2021; 16 December 2021. It consists of the heads of state or government of the member states, together with its President and the President of the Commission. In May 2020, the EU-AU Ministerial Level meeting was scheduled in Kigali. In the dubious and as yet unresolved matter of the apparent poisoning of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny, the EU called it “a serious breach of international law.” They demanded that Russian authorities ensure “an impartial international investigation and to bring those responsible to justice.”. We need to make them fit for purpose in a globalized and digital world”, she insisted. Remarkably, its communiqué made no mention either of the United States or of the major EU powers’ NATO military alliance with the United States. The EU, as usual, couched its military and financial ambitions in rhetoric on “multilateralism” and developing “strategic autonomy” from Washington, echoing French President Emmanuel Macron’s remarks last month to the UN. International Committee of the Fourth International, One year of the COVID-19 pandemic: A disaster caused by capitalism, Armenian-Azeri conflict erupts in Caucasus, threatening wider war, A murderous pact: The European Union to deport refugees. This year’s Ukraine-EU summit is scheduled for October 1. The EU summit once again underscored that there will be no serious coordinated efforts taken to contain the disease. It was the first meeting … Remarks by President Charles Michel following the first working session of the European Council. After the premature ending of lockdown policies this spring, the COVID-19 pandemic is again infecting hundreds of thousands weekly in Europe. Leaders welcomed the progress achieved so far on overall coordination at EU level against COVID-19, including the recommendation on a coordinated approach to the restriction of free movement. Finally, the 6th AU-EU Summit, initially scheduled to take place in October 2020, was intended to be the culminating moment when the two ‘sister continents’ redefine their strategic framework for the next decade. It is more or less apparent that this reflects growing US-EU tensions, concern that a political breakdown in Washington could trigger further wars internationally and unspoken fear of an explosive reaction among workers both in America and Europe to Trump’s planned coup. Join 150 young people for some amazing days of learning, inspiration and exchange. The EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier said at the summit that he has suggested to the U.K. that his team come to London on Monday to continue the negotiations. The summit confirmed that the EU is no alternative to the disintegration of American democracy. More about BBGFX. The Council of the EU and the European Council work on a wide range of issues affecting the interests of the EU and its citizens. October 19–20, 2020 Tallinn, Estonia The fifth Three Seas Summit and its third business forum will be held at the Tallinn Creative Hub on 19 & 20 October 2020. Final press conference by President Charles Michel following the European Council meeting on 16 October 2020. The exact date will probably depend on the evolution of the coronavirus in both regions. 0. Welcome to the Brussels Edition, Bloomberg’s daily briefing on what matters most in the heart of the European Union. UK Blinks on Threat to Walk Away on Eve of EU Summit Reviewed by Marc Chandler on October 14, 2020 Rating: 5. Cyprus demands Turkey sanctions at EU summit, stalls on Belarus. If you are not a journalist, please send your request to the public information service. In Germany 2,832 were counted yesterday—one of the highest rates since April. Leaders agreed that the EU is ready to continue supporting African efforts on peace and security, good governance and the promotion of human rights. But a draft summit decision seen by Reuters says progress is ‘still not sufficient’. In Europe there are now 2,384,762 active cases with numbers exploding across the continent. In exchange for threatening Turkey with sanctions, the EU obtained an agreement by Cyprus to drop its objections to imposing sanctions on Belarus. whatsapp icon. The EU demanded in exchange “substantial negotiations” between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and Turkish abandonment of “unilateral actions” in the Mediterranean. The European Council is the EU institution that defines the general political direction and priorities of the European Union. It helps organise and ensure the coherence of the Council's work and the implementation of its 18-month programme. EU summit backs herd immunity policy and sanctions against Belarus. This was stated by Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Ihor Zhovkva in an interview with Interfax. " Virtual | October 21-22, 2020. "That's in any case what I have proposed to the British team." The EU also wishes to engage African partners in addressing mobility and all aspects of migration, including illegal migration and the fight against migrant-smuggling networks, both within and between the two continents. The Euro summit (also referred to as the eurozone summit or euro area summit) is the meeting of the heads of state or government of the member states of the eurozone (those EU states which have adopted the euro).It is distinct from the EU summit held regularly by the European Council, the meeting of all EU … The European Council of European Union (EU) heads of state met in Brussels for two days, Thursday and Friday, to discuss the bloc’s foreign and economic policy. “We are working at full speed on legislative proposals on foreign subsidies from third countries. A communiqué on the first day’s talks published at midnight Friday focused on foreign policy and “a cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship with Turkey.” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan both supported the Azeri offensive to take the Nagorno-Karabakh area from Armenia and aggressively pressed his claims on oil and gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean against Greece. The European Council is the EU institution that defines the general political direction and priorities of the European Union. The Travel Summit Europe // 22-23 October, 2020 // London, UK. The Council of the EU meets in different configurations depending on the topic discussed. DIE accompanies the preparations for the summit with a series of webinars and short policy papers on five key topics: Digitization, trade, investments, the European Green Deal and policy coherence. Charles Michel, President of the European Council, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, and Josep Borrell, Vice-President of the European Commission on behalf of Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, met in … EU leaders urged respect for UN Security Council Resolutions 550 and 789, underlined the importance of the status of Varosha and reiterated their full solidarity with Greece and Cyprus. event 26.10.2020 EU Health Summit 2020: Time for Action The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of cooperation between all sectors and actors to ensure our healthcare systems can function to their best ability in saving human lives. We use cookies in order to ensure that you can get the best browsing experience possible on the Council website. To get more information about these cookies, how and why we use them and how you can change your settings, check our cookies policy page. “We are 100 per cent united. 1st Africa-Europe Summit, Cairo, Egypt, 2000. ... UK and EU seemed to agree the end of October … The European Council assessed the current epidemiological situation, which is unprecedented and gives rise to very serious concern. Press officers speak 'off the record' about the Council's activities. EU leaders consider that the updated target should be delivered collectively by the EU in the most cost-effective manner possible. The European Council expressed its solidarity with Lithuania and Poland in light of the retaliatory measures by Belarus, and condemned the continuing violence against peaceful protesters. EU leaders called to step up their work on preparedness and readiness at all levels and for all outcomes, including that of no agreement. They also invited the Commission to give timely consideration to unilateral and time-limited contingency measures that are in the EUʼs interest. Read more about the role of the European Council, European Council conclusions, 15-16 October 2020, Remarks by President Charles Michel following the first working session of the European Council, Remarks by President Charles Michel after the European Council meeting on 15 and 16 October 2020, COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and the EU's response (background information), EU-UK negotiations on the future partnership (background information and timeline), Climate change: what the EU is doing (background information), 5 facts about the EU’s goal of climate neutrality (digital story), EU-Africa relations (background information), EU relations with Belarus (background information), Special European Council, 1-2 October 2020, Remarks by President Charles Michel before the European Council meeting on 16 Octobre 2020, European Council conclusions on COVID-19 and climate change, 15 October 2020, European Council conclusions on EU-UK relations, 15 October 2020, Remarks by President Charles Michel before the European Council meeting on 15 Octobre 2020, Invitation letter by President Charles Michel to the members of the European Council ahead of their meeting on 15-16 October 2020, send your request to the public information service, Foreign affairs & international relations, temporary restriction on non-essential travel into the EU. This article is brought to you in association with the European Commission. Leaders called upon all other parties to also submit an updated NDC and underlined the importance of strong coordinated action through active European climate diplomacy. Brexit and budget deadlock set to overshadow EU summit in Brussels. Leaders called on the UK to make the necessary moves to make an agreement possible. EU leaders reaffirmed the EU’s determination to have as close as possible a partnership with the United Kingdom on the basis of the negotiating directives of 25 February 2020, while respecting the previously agreed European Council guidelines, statements and declarations. Purchase Now. Video conference Main results Ministers held an exchange of views on the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on education and training across the EU, in particular in the context of the gradual lifting of containment measures. October 15, 2020, 10:15 PM PDT. Simplifying The Developer Experience. Blaženka Divjak, minister for Science and Education of Croatia 'We are all aware of the anxieties of students, teachers and parents, and we are therefore doing our best to help them navigate through the many challenges facing the education sector during the COVID-19 pandemic, inclu… As you know, we presented our new Industry Strategy in March, to ensure industry can lead the twin green and digital transition.”, “Europe clearly needs to ‘up its game,’” von der Leyen stressed, effectively laying out a trade war strategy to outdo competitors.

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