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check out our guide to get started today. Ads can now feature a logo when a, Take action on cards within the Overview page, The Overview page provides a top-level view of your account and campaign performance. Optimization score doesn’t factor into Quality Score or Ad Rank calculations. Use the same filters you find on AdWords to get specific data. But just because the customer journey is complex doesn’t mean delivering useful experiences has to be. This means it's more important than ever for brands to deliver on these expectations. Learn how to create effective responsive search ads here. For example, let’s say you have an account selling sports gear and your landing page on soccer balls is performing well. Posted by Raiza Abubakar, Product Manager, Google Ads, New Smart Bidding strategy: Maximize conversion value, At Google Marketing Live, we gave a sneak peak at a new, Search and Shopping campaigns will now be using improved Standard delivery, Average position sunset begins the week of September 30th, Optimization score now includes Shopping campaigns, Manage multiple accounts more efficiently with the account map, Gallery ads (beta) available in 11 languages globally, Did you know that 75% of smartphone users expect to get immediate information while using their smartphone?1 To help you keep pace with today’s impatient consumers, we, Reach more of the right customers with phrase match and broad match modifiers, There are trillions of searches on Google every year—people looking for everything from flights to gift ideas for the holidays. For brands, YouTube delivers high impact exposure to engaged audiences, industry-leading viewability, and proven business results. Top paths To engage these viewers effectively with TrueView and Universal App campaigns, it’s important to adapt to their viewing behaviors and create a variety of different video ads – including square and vertical videos. With, New in manager accounts: optimization score and recommendations, Optimization score provides personalized recommendations, so you can determine if your account is set up to capture its full potential. Use these insights to evaluate and optimize landing pages. Previously, advertisers had to manually uncover these new search terms in the, Quickly act on changes in your campaigns with the ad group shift insight, Campaign performance can be impacted by sudden shifts in spend between ad groups. We also suggest informing your creative team so they can adjust their strategy according to these new guidelines. About these new metrics, Lauren Stafford Webb, Chief Marketing Officer at SoFi, says “SoFi closely measures all data that matters to our business. This means that you are now able to better react to shopper demand, like participating in a flash sale or extending existing promotional periods. The transition from campaign or ad group level reports to predefined reports showing the same scope of data is now easier. We’re excited that YouTube’s enhanced insights will empower us to further fine tune frequency and enable true multi-channel comparisons, as one of the many tools that YouTube offers to benefit our business.” Based on this insight, you could create a, Improve your keywords with the New Words insight card, New search terms might be triggering your ads over time, even without keyword changes on your part. For example, searches for "takeout restaurants" have grown over 5000%,1 while searches for “online learning” have grown over 400%2 in the last year. We announced, From Target Search Page Location and Outranking Share to Target Impression Share, Automated bidding helps marketers scale as consumer journeys become more complex. With this launch, Bid Strategy Type will also stop being a required column in your Campaign reports, which will free up some horizontal space for you to see more of the statistics columns. It’s when we unveil our newest products and get your insights on what to build for the future. Tune in for insider advice, best practices, and stories from advertisers like you who’ve found success with these new tools. For example, a grocery store might see a trend for "Vitamins & Supplements" with growing searches for “vitamin C” in Florida and California. This cropping feature will also be available when you upload images for newly created campaigns. Consumers are increasingly turning to their smartphones to research and explore the physical world around them. That’s why today Google is announcing new solutions to increase the lifetime value of your players. This means the once linear path from discovery to consideration to purchase has not only evolved, but is always evolving. Over the past few months, we’ve been making several improvements to the app to address some of your feedback. A few months ago, Google Ads announced lots of new updates to Google Ads Editor to help significantly improve the design and usability of the product. Until now, a policy appeal required you to go through our support team. 53% of visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes more than three seconds to load.1 With, More ways to drive results with TrueView for action, Expanded audience and buying features for the YouTube Masthead, Every year, after the Big Game, football fans flock to YouTube to, Reach your full account potential with optimization score, New Ways to Measure Sales Lift on YouTube, At YouTube, we’ve always believed that when you put the user first, great things will follow. To make it easier for you to manage your campaigns, we're rolling out a new summary view. they saw a 188% increase in revenue from new customers, Get started with Smart Shopping campaigns. Faster ramp up times for your target CPA campaigns  Create dedicated user test and control groups with cookie-based experiments, New landing page parameter options available in Google Ads. Step 4: After completing the exam, you will get Google Ads Search Certificate. Model comparison stayed the same. You see a video ad on YouTube for the Nest smart thermostat that piques your interest, but you’re not quite ready to buy it right there in the moment. We’ve received feedback that many of you drill deeper into your campaigns or ad groups before moving into predefined reports. These recommendations are turned on by default for all advertisers. You will only need to upload images in three aspect ratios to scale your ads across eligible App campaigns properties and formats:  Edit campaign budgets All of the set columns for your statistic tables will be copied over across all of your accounts. This new experience, launching on desktop this year then followed by mobile and TV screens, aims to accommodate viewer preferences while continuing to help advertisers connect with their most important audiences. This site uses cookies and other tracking technologies to assist with navigation, monitor site usage and web traffic, assist with our promotional and marketing efforts, and customize and improve our services, as set out in our, giant ads and marketing platform focused event. Let’s say you’re planning a flash sale for the weekend. It makes it hard to get away from the status quo of just adding the columns you’ve always added to your reports. Find your ideal budget to maximize performance You can now export your Google Ads data directly to Sheets and share the Sheet. That’s why we’re rolling out responsive display ads. We’re making it easier to upload and edit promotions in the Google Merchant Center as well as building more  experiences across Google to increase the visibility of products that have a promotion or are on-sale. For example, if your ‘Campaigns’ statistics table always showed ‘Clicks,’ ‘Impressions,’ ‘Cost,’ ‘Conversions’ and ‘Cost/Conv.,’ you can now copy those column preferences to the new Google Ads experience with a single click. Tell us not to recommend it anymore In-app signup is currently available in the U.S., Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, and Japan, with more countries to follow. 200 x 200 To help you reach more consumers without the need for exhaustive keyword lists, we started, Google Ads Editor v1.1: easier to use and loaded with new features, Keyword Planner now shows the most relevant keyword ideas, YouTube Masthead now available with CPM buying, After successful beta tests in select markets, the YouTube Masthead is now globally available for all advertisers to buy on a CPM basis. It's important to understand where your ads appear on the search results page. How to Maximize your Return on Ad Spend, Tools and Best Practices for A/B Testing Your Ad Copy, Facebook Automated Ads: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started, The Ultimate Facebook Ads Budgets Breakdown (+ Free Calculator), The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Custom Audiences. Click share has been available for Shopping campaigns since 2015. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the stories you could tell with a 30-second video. Here, you’ll find: Reasons to invest in Google Ads; How the paid search platform works; The latest Google Ads updates; Expert tips for leveraging the platform successfully; The best place to launch your digital marketing efforts is where your campaign attracts a massive audience — no surprise there. This means you’ll be able to use Editor seamlessly across your Google Ads accounts, all from a single window. This simplified layout can help you do the following:  The new ad group shifts insight alerts you when shifts occur between ad groups automatically. To add an Extension after the Google Ads Update: Page Menu —> Ads & Extensions —> Extensions —> Blue Plus icon After clicking the Blue Plus icon, you can choose to add hours, directions, and more to your ads. We've introduced two changes to make it easier to specify landing page parameters. Faster mobile sites mean better user experiences, leading to more conversions and less budget spent on bounced clicks for advertisers. Over 90% of consumers say they’ve discovered new products and brands on YouTube, and watch time for YouTube videos on "which product to buy" has doubled year over year. Yesterday, Google announced the matching of Broad Match Modifier and Phrase Match keywords. Full cross-account management: In the past, campaign managers could only make changes in the Editor UI for a single account at any given time. Simplified image requirements should free up time and resources for your designers and marketers to invest in more creative themes and best practices. Improve performance with custom recommendations    For example, let’s say you notice a big week-over-week drop in impressions for one of your campaigns. When you’re trying to generate leads for your business, it can be a challenge to optimize campaigns for lead quality. With this launch, property promotion ads will be made available via an ad group type within the Hotel Campaign in Google Ads. But YouTube isn’t the only place people watch video – they watch across the web, and in games and apps. To provide more control in these rare situations, you can now apply seasonality adjustments for Search and Display campaigns. By providing viewers with a home for engaging video content, we can deliver our advertiser partners new ways to reach their customers that are relevant and helpful. We heard your feedback, so starting today, you can filter the Overview page by: From second-screening during a commercial break to searching at a bus stop, there are more opportunities than ever to reach your customers. Ultimately, Google Ads will eliminate broad match modifiers (BMM) and update how phrase match targeting functions to expand matching capabilities. You can learn more about call ads in the Google Ads Help Center. With, Hotel ads product updates to support the industry during COVID-19, As travel search behaviors change, our goal is to help Hotel ads partners minimize risk while driving future bookings in a responsible manner. Use the new, Sight, sound and scale: TrueView for reach now available to all brands globally, New workflow in creating goal-based campaigns. Save the changes on the campaign Grow your skills with the new App campaigns, Update on the move to Impression Share bid strategy, How Smart campaigns is helping you reach more customers, Smart campaigns is built specifically for small businesses like yours. They also appear in Google Maps, and we’re continually experimenting with their placements on other Google surfaces as well. We believe everyone should be able to understand and control their ad preferences. The budget simulator will show how these changes could have impacted your performance. The ways people get things done are constantly changing, from finding the closest coffee shop to organizing family photos. Relevant impact of available recommendations We’ve combined some reports and removed others to help you get the most important insights, faster. Breaking Google News…and an Update from Mike Rhodes Google Ads Updatewith Mike Rhodes & Perry MarshallTuesday February 16th at 4:30pm US Eastern Dear Business Builder, Mike Rhodes, my Ultimate Guide to Google Ads co-author, and sharpest PPC guy I know, sent me this the other day from the website Search Engine Land… Headline: Google expands phrase match to include broad ... Read More Stay in the know with performance insights At that time, you will no longer be able to add new images that do not fit these aspect ratios or file formats. That’s why we have robust, Deadline to adopt parallel tracking for Video campaigns extended to March 31, 2021, Manager accounts are now available in the Google Ads mobile app, Do more on the Overview page with three new features, Deliver more relevant and helpful ad experiences with feeds in App campaigns, New ways to up-level your skills digitally to be there for your app users, Today, consumers are turning to apps to stay healthy, connected and informed. This means you can be sure to show your products to the right customers at the right time as consumer demand unpredictably fluctuates. Here are a few ways our automated solutions can help you support your open locations and meet customers where they feel comfortable shopping, even as the market changes. When using this icon, the loaded predefined report will carry over the same scope of data you’re viewing to make for a quicker transition. As part of our longstanding commitment to user privacy, New updates for App campaigns help unlock more search inventory on iOS mobile web browsers, Create and edit responsive search ads in the Google Ads mobile app, Staying connected to your Google Ads performance is important, whether at your desk or on-the-go. Great display ads assist consumers using rich images and useful information. 1 … To make it easier for you to understand how optimization score prioritizes recommendations, you’ll now see your campaign goal displayed next to your optimization score. As you’re looking at your Google Ads account data, it’s important to consider how fresh your statistics are. The score runs from 0% to 100%, with 100% meaning that your account can perform at its full potential. In the U.S., all eligible retailers will now be automatically enabled to use promotions in Merchant Center - no interest form required. Data in these reports go back to May 1, 2019. Over the years the program has expanded to support thousands of partners worldwide. Parallel tracking is now available for Video campaigns, and will become mandatory for all Video campaigns starting March 31st, 2020 (as it already is for Search, Shopping, and Display). As part of this update, we will increase the image file size limit from 150KB to 5MB so you can upload higher quality assets. You need to deliver the helpful and frictionless experiences consumers expect from brands. However, your business is unique and you often want a custom view of your data. For example, a grocery store may uncover a related trend like “whipped coffee” which may give them future promotion or product development ideas. Koch Ford, a large car dealer in Canada, adopted tCPA bidding recommendations and drove 77% more conversions while decreasing CPA by 34%. Allow others to edit and collaborate on your reports. To help you more accurately assess the impact of your video ads, we’re adjusting the default attribution window for TrueView for action ads to 10 seconds with a 3 day default conversion window (from 30 seconds with a 30 day conversion window). For example, let’s say you’re planning a Spring Sale campaign, and you want to stay on top of how conversion volume changes week-over-week. Learn more about optimization score in the, App campaigns for engagement now available for eligible advertisers globally, As more people use their phones to discover content and make purchases this, Drive more, high-quality leads with lead form extensions, People want to connect with businesses in different ways—especially now as they adjust to COVID-19. Though these strategies already take into consideration seasonality, we know there are key moments for your business when you can anticipate significant shifts in conversion rate, like during sales or when a new product launches. Cross-device conversions account for the moments when a customer interacted with an ad on one device and then completed a conversion on another device. Read the Google Import API global release post to learn more. Ad formats If you haven’t yet, Smart strategies for growing your app business with ads, Every year Google I/O showcases the delight that technology can bring to our lives. This add-on is globally available in English. This makes it easy for you to spend more time focusing on optimization, and less time investigating performance issues. Speed matters. Use impression share to view impression growth opportunities with bid or budget increases. For example, let’s say you want to drive more traffic from searches on a particular keyword. They allow partners to show their pricing and availability right at the top of the first search results page, appearing prominently in search results for geographical locations. In fact, our research shows that one in three shoppers would rather buy from a company that provides a wide range of ways to reach them.1  By Steph Jimenez | Paid Media Strategist at Brainlabs | February 5, 2021. You may then choose to transition from Maximize conversions to tCPI bidding. Introduced earlier this year, Video Ad Sequencing is a tool that lets marketers break free of the confines of a single spot, to tell a story that unfolds over time and across devices and ad formats. By default,  a ‘Conversion’ will be counted when a user takes action on your ad within 3 days of an ‘Engagement.’ You can ask your Google team to customize this time frame if you prefer an alternative. However, the icon at the top right opens the predefined report for your entire account. You can measure conversions and certain details about those calls (call duration, start/end time, and caller area code) through, Inspire undecided shoppers with Shoppable Image ads, One-third of holiday shoppers said they searched for images before they went in store to shop. You can click into that term, click “Edit Keyword” and edit the bid right from the Overview page. You can then act on these trends by creating campaigns to reach new pet owners, or even explore selling dog care packages.   Take action with recommendations However, this can be difficult to diagnose. Click share will be available at the campaign, ad group, and keyword levels for Search campaigns in the coming weeks. To make it easier for you to get more insights from a wider variety of campaigns, we’re adding simulator support for budgets and for the Target ROAS bid strategy. For example, a shopper might visit her favorite blog like, Helping shoppers discover with video in Showcase Shopping ads, When it comes to finding new products and narrowing down their choices, nearly two-thirds of shoppers say online video has given them ideas for their next purchases, and over 90 percent of these folks say that they’ve discovered new products and brands via YouTube. Accounts manager checkboxes to simplify selecting and opening multiple accounts. Google hinted that the update was related to their E-A-T principles (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) by linking to an earlier blog post. Shoppable Images enable you to highlight your shopping ads on curated, published content from our publisher partners. For dates prior to this, the reporting experience and conversion counts will remain unchanged. Upload promotions faster and easily react to changing market dynamics Find the right app users Discover how to save time & money with AdEspresso! On your website, users should always have the ability to withdraw consent to use data. Our new recommended columns feature suggests new reporting columns that you should be using based on your campaign and account settings. You can now check your ad strength in Google Ads Editor, making it easier for you to optimize your responsive search ads at scale. 2. For the first time, Editor now supports full, cross-account management. If you selected brand awareness and reach as your goal, you’d see Display and Video campaign types as suggested options. “It has been a great way to capitalize on strategic opportunities to shift share from competitors, increase brand awareness, and improve occupancy levels." By Ashley Cheung 20 August, 2020 SMB Google Ads. Now, you can set up Dynamic Search Ads for your top pages more easily. Edit description Sale this weekend Make multiple changes Review changes before you post See your edits in draft before executing them across your campaigns. Acquire new customers with Smart Shopping campaigns These new search terms could signal new keyword opportunities. Previously, only the Devices, Assisting Devices, and Device Paths attribution reports included cross-device activity. And knowing what percentage of eligible top impressions you are already capturing helps you determine if you should do more to increase your bids and quality. Ads & Extensions Use Notes to share details about account performance with anyone in your business. For example, knowing if your ad shows more (or less) often at the very top of the results can help you diagnose significant changes in clickthrough rate. To inform these changes, we conducted large-scale experiments to analyze the incremental conversion volume driven by TrueView for action ads across a broad range of advertiser industries and conversion types. Now, we’ve created a new workflow that lets advertisers define their goal first which in turn informs relevant suggestions on how to set up the rest of the campaign. Get in front of customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps. In fact, “near me” searches on mobile have grown 3x in the past two years.1 And 3 in 4 people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a related business within 24 hours.2 For marketers, this means it’s more important than ever to build experiences that surface relevant local information as easily as possible, and then measure the impact to your business. You can identify a recommended column by the blue underline in the column name. In-market audiences for search network campaigns. Ad group status In both cases, all you have to do is hover over a disapproved or limited ad and look for the “appeal” link to see if you’re eligible. The Insights page makes it easy for you to explore insights and emerging trends based on your business. You can now implement some of those changes directly from the Overview page itself. However, to date the ad event attributed to a conversion has varied by campaign type, making comparison between campaigns difficult. To understand how video works in the purchase journey, it’s important to have accurate attribution – and looking at the relationship between video ad exposure and conversions we determined that the default attribution window for TrueView for action ads needed to change. Statistics, settings, and the status of your account and campaigns Chrome updates happen automatically when you close and reopen Chrome. To meet your growing needs, we, New recommendations added to optimization score, That’s a wrap on Google Marketing Live 2019! Campaign status 53% of visits to a mobile site are abandoned if it takes more than three seconds to load.1 In July we, Click share is the estimated share of all achievable clicks that you have received. To help you make this transition, we will soon introduce a tool that enables you to crop your images into one or more of the supported dimensions. Thanks to a late June app update, not only can you track ad performance, but you can now create and edit your Responsive Search Ads from the mobile app. When a user clicks on an ad, we want to instill confidence that the service or product being promoted is clear and users are not being deceived. With this feature, you’ll receive a real-time notification if there’s a significant performance change, and an explanation describing why the change occurred. The Target ROAS simulator shows the relationship between a ROAS target and your key metrics. Find more cross-account insights with Report Editor, Get better App campaigns creative insights with new asset reporting features, Easier resubmissions and appeals of ad policy issues, Our advertising policies exist in order to protect users, advertisers and publishers from bad actors and ensure only high-quality ads are served across our platforms. Yet, no matter where they are in their journey, people expect ads that are relevant to who they are and what they’re looking for. To help you find more potential customers when they engage with content away from YouTube, we offer, Smart Bidding to be used for search partners, Use new account-level call reporting to ensure you're fully measuring call performance, Click-to-call ads connect your business with customers over the phone. In fact, more than 70% of all advertisers use Google Ads automated bidding today. Faster mobile sites mean better user experiences and more conversions. That's why, we're introducing a new, Plan your budget more effectively with new Performance Planner features, Grow your audience faster with Maximize conversions bidding in App campaigns, Whether you’re releasing a new game, launching a seasonal campaign or promoting new content in your app, it’s important for you to be able to grow your audience quickly. Get account updates with custom notifications In the latest version of the Google Ads mobile app, you can now set up custom notifications. This release includes support for shared budgets, optimization score and an improved edit pane. Minimum size At Google, we're building new innovations to help Google Ads advertisers design the best web experiences for your customers. In fact, Parallel Tracking will be mandatory for Display ads starting July 31st, 2019. The Insights page also includes, Get more from Smart Bidding with new improvements, Grow your business with broad match and Smart Bidding, What consumers want and how they’re searching for it is constantly changing. To understand how video works in the purchase journey, it’s important to have consistent and accurate attribution. Retailers can also now easily edit promotions directly in Merchant Center and the average approval time on promotions has also been reduced from days to hours. 320 x 400 We know the digital ads ecosystem can only flourish if it’s a place that is safe and trustworthy for users. That video you saw on YouTube didn’t drive the click, but it planted the seed. Sign in to your Google Ads account. To learn more about summary view, visit the, Stay on top of account performance with the Google Ads mobile app, The Google Ads mobile app helps you manage your account while on the go.

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