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Public money to bail out companies should be conditional upon making a change towards more sustainability. Der europäische Grüne Deal ist unser Fahrplan für eine nachhaltige EU-Wirtschaft. Il piano di investimenti del Green Deal europeo e il meccanismo per una transizione equa dovrebbero essere gli elementi costitutivi di un "Piano Marshall verde". 30% an entsprechende Klimaschutzmaßnahmen gebunden sind. Based on green bond market participants' interest in impact reporting and the positive influence that higher transparency and comparability in this area may have for the green bond market, the World Bank collaborated with the African Development Bank (AfDB), the European Investment Bank (EIB), and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to discuss green bond impact reporting. Der European Green Deal der EU-Kommission sieht bis 2030 Investitionen von einer Billion Euro vor, was – gemessen an den öffentlichen Ausgaben für die Bankenrettung – ein vergleichsweise geringer Betrag für die Klimarettung ist. The Green Theater; Educazione e sociale. The World Bank Green Bond raises funds from fixed income investors to support World Bank lending for eligible projects that seek to mitigate climate change or help affected people adapt to it. Il Green Deal è un’occasione da non perdere per sviluppare, finalmente, una crescita economica che sia rispettosa dell’ambiente ma anche delle persone; una transizione ecologica ed economica che arriverà a migliorare il benessere delle persone e a conservare il Pianeta per le generazioni future. Ministers held a debate on annual Rule of Law Dialogue and assessed the situation of specific member states. Tackling climate change is an urgent chal lenge. The Operational Plan 2021 was approved by the Board of Directors of the European Investment Bank (EIB) on 16 December 2020. Das Maßnahmenpaket sieht außerdem vor, die Europäische Investitionsbank zu einer „Klimabank“ zu machen und verspricht 25% der EU-Mittel für Klimaschutzmaßnahmen bereitzustellen. Nel documento si possono trovare le azioni per gli specifici ambiti d’intervento e la timetable indicativa per ogni azione, al momento relativa al 2020, ma costantemente aggiornata. It is part of a wider policy package called the Green Deal. Corso Tecnico Base; Login. "Green Deal" EU stellt Investitionspläne für Klimaneutralität vor Europa bis 2050 klimaneutral machen - das sieht der "Grüne Deal" der EU-Kommission vor. Von der Leyen has been vocal about her ambitious desire to launch a European Green Deal to bring the bloc’s economy into line with climate goals. We bring together our own research and unique data sources with top-level research all over Europe, providing an entry point for researchers and a platform for dialogue. The document should serve as a guideline for cultural heritage stakeholders and policymakers on how cultural heritage can contribute to the European Green Deal. Aber sie wird dazu einen radikal neuen Ansatz benötigen. Cedefop’s European skills index (ESI) helps predict EU countries’ success in developing green skills by linking a solid national skills development system with faster transition to a green economy. A variety of activities will put rail in the spotlight throughout 2021 across the continent, to encourage the use of rail by both citizens and businesses and to contribute to the EU Green Deal goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2050. In the UK, the Bank is investing GBP 500 million in the construction of incinerators, including the deeply unpopular incinerator in … Cesar Cielo Swim Clinic; Il Giro del Piemonte di Paola Gianotti; Energia in volo con Pierandrea Patrucco; Lavora con noi. The message from Europe’s voters – and those too young to vote – is loud and clear: they want real action on climate change and they want Europe to lead the way. The EUR 17.5 billion Just Transition Fund is its core element for mitigating the social impact of greening the economy in regions dependent on coal or otherwise affected by the energy transition. In dieser Serie werfen wir einen Blick auf einige der Schlüsselelemente im Bezug auf den Energiesektor, das europäische Klimagesetz, den Investitionsplan, die Industriestrategie und den Aktionsplan für eine Kreislaufwirtschaft. Climate change is an existential threat to humanity. Die bestehenden Finanzierungsprogramme der EIB weisen erhebliche Defizite auf. Worldwide greenhouse gas (GHG) … It is essential to human wellbeing, as it delivers services that sustain our economies and societies. Im März 2020 wird die Kommission eine EU-Industriestrategie annehmen‚ um die doppelte Herausforderung des ökologischen und des digitalen Wandels anzugehen. Jetzt wird sie zum Finanzier für Europas Green Deal – und damit zum wichtigsten Geldgeber für den Umbau der Industrie. Sarà inoltre presentato un piano di valutazione d'impatto per innalzare ad almeno il 50% l'obiettivo di riduzione delle emissioni di gas a effetto serra dell'UE entro il 2030 e verso il 55% rispetto ai livelli del … The presidency informed about the state of play of the accession negotiations with the Republic of North Macedonia and the Republic of Albania. 23/03/2021. We place sustainability at the heart of our activities. Explore our books, reports, strategies and studies through our Publications library. Green Talks – a series of events on Africa’s green transition, EIB and Portugal partner to accelerate investment in hydrogen sector, European Guarantee Fund: €650 million of loans to Finnish companies. A European Green Deal I want Europe to strive for more by being the first climate-neutral continent. European Green Deal. Both these key political elements also hold potential for development of rural areas (i.e. The focal role of apprenticeships for the future of work . Jetzt wird sie zum Finanzier für Europas Green Deal – und damit zum wichtigsten Geldgeber für den Umbau der Industrie. Maßstab mit Lücken Read more. The member states set the bank's broad policy goals and oversee the decision-making bodies of the … Per avere. The European Investment Bank (EIB) is a publicly owned international financial institution whose shareholders are the EU member states.It was established in 1958 under the Treaty of Rome as a "policy-driven bank" using financing operations to further EU policy goals such as European integration and social cohesion.. L'economia circolare, l'obiettivo "inquinamento zero", la biodiversità e l'alimentazione sostenibile sono … Dieser sieht einen Fonds für einen gerechten Übergang in Höhe von jährlich 100 Milliarden Euro vor, um denjenigen Regionen zu helfen, die von einer industriellen Neuorientierung betroffen sind. The European Green Deal includes: A €100bn Just Transition Mechanism to help countries still heavily dependent on fossil fuels and "carbon-intensive processes" to … Green Deal, economia circolare, sviluppo sostenibile, lotta al cambiamento climatico, ripresa post Covid-19. Get your skills together for Europe’s green deal. Im März 2020 wird die Kommission eine EU-Industriestrategie annehmen‚ um die doppelte Herausforderung des ökologischen und des digitalen Wandels anzugehen. The European Commission released the European Green Deal in December 2019 with the goal of making Europe climate neutral by 2050 and the European Green Deal’s Investment Plan two weeks ago. Europäische Investitionsbank (EIB) – Jahresbericht 2014 (Aussprache) Video der Beiträge: PV Der Präsident. – Als erster Punkt der Tagesordnung folgt die Aussprache über den Bericht von Georgi Pirinski im Namen des Haushaltskontrollausschusses über den Jahresbericht 2014 der Europäischen Investitionsbank (EIB) (2015/2127(INI)) (A8-0050/2016). Der europäische Grüne Deal wird den Übergang der Industrie in der EU zu einem nachhaltigen Modell für integratives Wachstum unterstützen und beschleunigen. The EU aims to be climate neutral in 2050. Die Europäische Kommission hat heute (Mittwoch) dafür zwei EU-Strategien zur Integration des Energiesystems und zu Wasserstoff … boost the efficient use of resources by moving to a clean, circular economy; restore biodiversity and cut pollution; The plan outlines investments needed and financing tools available. Quest’iniziativa rientra nelle politiche del “Green Deal” europeo, fiore all’occhiello della Commissione Von der Leyen, predisposto allo scopo di raggiungere un’economia climaticamente neutra entro il 2050, promuovendo almeno € 150 miliardi di investimenti nell’economia dell’UE nel periodo 2021-2027. European citizens see climate change as a serious problem and want to see increased action. Italian ECI alliance calls on policymakers to align with EU Green Deal objectives. We congratulate the Commission for standing by the strong evidence, taking the views of EU citizens on board, and following up on the ambitions of the European Green Deal and EU Biodiversity Strategy. Transparency, accountability and access to information, Taxation: avoiding misuse of EIB Group operations, Intermediated loans for SMEs, mid-caps and other priorities, Investments in infrastructure and environmental funds, Guarantees in support of SMEs, mid-caps and other objectives, EU Trade and Competitiveness Programme in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia, Connecting Europe Facility Debt Instrument, EIB in the Mediterranean partner countries*, The EIB in the Eastern neighbourhood countries, The EIB in sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific, Economic conferences and research networks, Open learning: resources for learners and researchers, Coronavirus pandemic: All about the EIB Group’s response. Green Deal: Kommission legt Strategien für das Energiesystem der Zukunft und sauberen Wasserstoff vor . Tutte le azioni previste, sono specificate nell’Annex al Green New Deal: Annex to the Communication on the European Green Deal Roadmap – Key actions. The European Green Deal provides an action plan to. Die Europäische Investitionsbank ist die größte Förderbank der Welt. Il Green Deal europeo o Patto Verde europeo è un insieme di iniziative politiche proposte dalla Commissione europea con l'obiettivo generale di raggiungere la neutralità climatica in Europa entro il 2050. The "Green Heart" exhibition showcases the "Marina One" project by ingenhoven architects, which will open in the center of Singapore at the end of 2017. The Forum and the Green Talks are unlocking a month of dialogue and debate on green transition and green investment between the two continents Cerchiamo di capire di cosa si tratta e se potrà davvero impattare sulle vite dei cittadini. The European Investment Bank is one of the world’s main financers of climate action. Die EIB vergibt langfristige Mittel für solide Projekte, die den Zielen der EU entsprechen. With their „European Green Deal“, the European Commission expressed an admirable ambition to be climate-neutral by 2050. If you agree, this website section will also include third-party cookies used in online advertising. Foto: privat. A Green Deal for Europe; Become a host family; Interpreting / Translating; Supporting/Social Programme; News; About. Der Green Deal versucht diese Länder zu besänftigen, indem ein „Mechanismus für einen gerechten Übergang“ geschaffen werden soll. Thank you for subscribing to the European Investment Bank’s monthly newsletter. But with 2027 right around the corner, better implementation needs to start right now. Biodiversity is the name given to the variety of ecosystems (natural capital), species and genes in the world or in a particular habitat. The content of this website represents the views of the author only and is his/her sole responsibility; it cannot be considered to reflect the views of the European Commission and/or the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency or any … 16/03/2021. Die Europäische Investitionsbank Ihre Anteilseigner sind die Mitgliedstaaten der EU. Yet there is a need for drastic action. mail: info@gruppoei.comtel: +39 011 19236950, Eicom Energia | Luce, gas e multiservizi per il tuo business, Luce, gas e multiservizi per la piccola e la medio impresa, © 2020 - tutti i diritti riservati - Powered by, Iscriviti alla nostra newsletter e RICEVI IN REGALO, Questo sito utilizza cookie tecnici, analitici e di profilazione, anche di terze parti, necessari rispettivamente, a consentire alcune funzionalità fondamentali per il sito, ad effettuare misurazioni delle performances del sito stesso o a fornirti indicazioni promozionali in linea con i tuoi interessi. The European Green Deal reforms must stay on track as our goal cannot be to go simply back to the ‘old normal’ of an economic system which is driving the climate crisis. Receive updates of the EIB Group’s activities in Europe and around the world. The atmosphere is warming and this is affecting citizens already now. Il Green Deal sarà finanziato con una quantità ingente di soldi, pubblici e privati. On 4 March, the Commission proposed to make 2021 the European Year of Rail, to support the delivery of its European Green Deal objectives. In March 2020, the Commission will adopt an EU industrial strategy to address the twin challenge of the green and the digital transformation. With the European Green Deal, there is now a roadmap for achieving this. Promoting sustainable mobility: Commission proposes 2021 to be the European Year of Rail. - An end to European Investment Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development financing for all new hydropower plants in Europe. Our environment, our natural jewels, our seas and oceans, must be conserved and protected. new approach to green energy and hydrogen valleys, ensuring full coverage of rural areas with broadband). The European Citizens’ Meeting in 2021. Indeed, the parliamentary report includes a Green demand to boost investment in sustainable industry. The European Green Deal reaffirms the Commission’s ambition to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. Darunter ist der Entwurf für ein europäisches Klimaschutzgesetz, in dem das Ziel der Klimaneutralität bis 2050 festgeschrieben ist.

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