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You will receive a confirmation text back that says you will be notified when your request is processed. O2 Student offer is 20% off your airtime plan on Refresh. Nur ein Kunde. Telekom-Mitarbeiter dürfen bis zu 30 Freunde und Bekannte werben. Help page here for students on studentoffer (follow the link for details on how to sign up to UNiDAYS). Telefonní číslo O2 Family Přihlašovací kód nebo heslo do Samoobsluhy O2 Family. So werden bei der o2 Familie & Freunde Aktion an o2-Bestandskunden 3 Gutscheine über den neuen Vorteilsdienst o2 Priority auf Abruf zum Weitergeben bereitgestellt − und Neukunden, die in den vorherigen 6 Monaten (also seit dem 1.3.2020) nicht mehr bei o2 Kunde waren, erhalten dann dauerhaft (also nicht nur für 2 Jahre) … My face on my ID card from the NHS service. Moje O2 Family. I saw Code Check as a thread title yesterday and wondered why I hadn't heard of it before. Die Aktion wird vorerst bis 30. o2 connect: Das bietet die connect-Funktion für die Familie. This is how the Family Plan discount shows in your My O2: Hope this helps in explaining the different schemes and claim processes. As it says in the guide, it must be a refresh contract. Once the O2 Open discount has beenapplied, it will continue for the remainder of your O2 Refreshcontract. We will send a validation link tothis email and you will need to click this link to completevalidation. So i was wondering do all or just two if any of these discounts stack? As a volunteer, although I give up time to go out and help save patients and train others to do the same, your system requires me to use a "pay slip and email address from the ambulance service" to quote one of your staff at Huntingdon O2 shop. O2 Open is employer based, with certain jobs qualifying for discounts of 15 or 25% depending on tariff. Friends and Family Promotions sind jetzt eigentlich keine Besonderheit. We'll send you an e-mail with instructions to reset your password. Der Unitymedia Mobil Flat Family & Friends Tarif nutzt das Handynetz von o2. Die IHG Friends and Family Rate ist eine schöne Möglichkeit bei IHG zu sparen. I just hope by changing the system O2 quickly provide employers with the code they can give their employees. Zadejte telefonní číslo O2 Family, my vám na něj obratem odešleme jednorázový přístupový kód. What is the Family Plan discount? This will take up to three days. Da das ganze über den Arbeitgeber deiner Freundin läuft, handelt es sich hier nicht um Privatkunden- sondern um Business-Verträge. F&F is 50% off the airtime portion of your Refresh contract, or 30% off the total cost if you're on SIM only. Once your F&F discount has been applied to your account, you should see it as a bolt-on as well as in the Discounts section of your Bill breakdown in My O2: To claim your student discount text your code to 61202 from any mobile. To be fair it was open to abuse. carphonewarehouse... can I still use a student discount Unidays code to get the 20% off the airtime? Our Trust's email address has changed twice since I left... Don't they have to check if you are still employed by them? I have tried to chase but get no reply to my emails etc. Digitales Wohnzimmer: Der Community-Treffpunkt, Entertainment: O₂ TV, O₂ Sky Ticket & Amazon Music Unlimited, Digitales Leben: Drittanbieterservices, O₂ Banking, O₂ Cloud & O₂ Protect, Betawerkstatt: Betatests & Feedback mit O₂. Leider hat unser Virenscanner festgestellt, dass diese Datei nicht gefahrlos heruntergeladen werden kann. Durch Änderungen in der Namensgebung sollen die Kunden schneller über den Inhalt der verschiedenen Pakete Bescheid wissen. You should ask your HR dept for this. If I purchased an o2 contract from somewhere other than o2 shop or website... I.e. To me and probably many of the other regulars on here, your entitlement is well justified. There is a new F&F offer currently running for current O2 Open customers. I work for the fire service and have used the open code benefit discount for years but I unable to use now as no one in our HR dept knows the code. Einen Gefallen hier, ein Ratschlag da: Es ist kein Geheimnis, die Familie und gute Freunde machen das Leben leichter und schöner. ‘Family and Friends’ is Oxford’s best-selling primary English Language Teaching course of all time, and has helped millions of students across the globe to succeed in English. Only CS can help you with system failure within o2 I'm afraid. ​​​​​​​Amazon Music Unlimited: 5 Monate geschenkt*, Sky Supersport Jahresticket: 1 Jahr Bundesliga und weiterer Spitzensport. If you upgrade you must also re-apply for your discount. Make sure you try different variations of your company name if unsuccessful with one version. For F&F, the employee of O2 needs to request the discount on your behalf by texting DISCOUNT to 2020. Alles rund um o2 Business schnell erledigen: Kontakte und Online-Services im Überblick Hotline Chat Kundenportale Bei o2 informieren. Cancelling your contract - An updated guide, Tips to avoid unexpected charges on your bill. O2 Offer 4 schemes that discount of the airtime portion of your contract: More information on each discount scheme below: Please read the FAQ's carefully as there have been some significant changes, such as no longer allowing customers to share their code up to 5 times. Odeslat. Man erhält hier bis zu 9 zusätzliche SIM-Karten zum Vertrag, einsetzbar z.B. We carried out an impact study* to gain an in-depth understanding of how teachers feel that Family and Friends contributes to their students’ exam success. You’ll need the five, character O2 Open company code that you’ll get from your. Der Vodafone Family & Friends Vorteil ist eine Art interner Rabatt, der meist per Einladung durch einen Vodafone-Mitarbeiter ermöglicht wird. I'm still seeing this in the latest T&C's. gibt es bei O2 einen echten “Family and Friends” in den mann von einen O2 Mitarbeiter eingeladen werden kann ? Bei o2 ? Once on a phone, once on a tablet? Monday to Friday between 8.00 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. Moje O2 Family. After that part is done both employee and customer will get a notification on their mobile within 72 hours that the discount has been added. You can only have one discount at a time so F&F would be best at 50%. I can't. My device is lost/stolen, how to report it? Family and Friends 1st Edition Listen at Home audio Family and Friends 1st Edition class audio Well done @MI5, The way the system 'works' for NHS Discounts disallows volunteers from getting it. Přihlašovací kód. (I clicked on the link in the guide to provide the info I showed in your thread) https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Other-Products-Services/O2-Open-Employer-Code/m-p/1036147#M24258, So although the guide is correct ...it's actually the process of acquiring the code which has changed.. O2 Open & Friends and Family discounts - How to s... O2 Open & Friends and Family discounts - How to sign up, your My O2 username and password. Before they introduced the applying on line you had to get the code from your employer so it seems they have gone full circle now. :). You should ask your HR dept for this. Obwohl in Foren immer wieder nach Mitarbeitern gesucht wird, die Aktionscodes an Fremde verschenken oder gegen etwas anderes eintauschen, ist das wohl eher eine Seltenheit. Step 2 – Verify your registrationWhen you register, we need to confirm that you work forthe company or organisation, so you will need to give us avalid work email address. Can NHS pensioners get these discounts like you can with Vodafone? Friends and Family members pay fees on per-day rate. Just add a new connection to get the discount. Can you please assist as I have received my new phone and will return it within cooling off period if i can't apply discount as other providers are offering emergency service discount. and thats when i can get the page to work spent 5 days waiting for it to work correctly due to maintance or a fault. Die meisten Unternehmen fahren Sonderangebote für die eigenen Mitarbeiter. (Unlikely) If not i might aswell only do the friends and family discount since its bigger. Please only answer if you work for o2 and can definitely say, thanks! 841 117 788. o2 Shop Bremerhaven, Bürgermeister-Smidt-Str. I'll drop this into the main guide later. Family owners can add O2 Business or Corporate numbers as part of friends and family … Just for being on O2. Hotline: 030-767318502 Fax: 030-767318020 umožní vám spravovat zákaznický účet a provádět změny na libovolném čísle tohoto účtu přistupujete zadáním jména a hesla, které si nastavíte jednou při registraci do Samoobsluhy Moje O2 Family Mit freundlichen Grüßen You must be a registered user to add a comment here. Friends and Family (F&F) applies if you have friends or family working for O2. I'm a Community First Responder for the ambulance service. They will get instructions back with what information to provide next to arrange for the discount. With the Family Plan, you can get up to 50% off your airtime plan, when you take out an additional connection (up to 20 connections) on an eligible tariff. Code Check and confirmation process: You can text OPEN followed by the company name to 61202 and it will confirm your eligibility and the O2 Open code to use. Bitte versuche es in wenigen Minuten erneut. Try calling customer services on 202 Paul and see if they have your code listed. Die Moderatoren erkennst du am o2_  vor dem Namen. Und so einfach geht´s: Sie können drei Codes mit drei Freunden teilen, jeder davon ist einmalig. 67 likes. … Aber ich möchte dir gerne helfen so gut ich kann. @MI5 Is it time for update re sharing open codes since March 2018 ? Denn mit der aktuellen o2 Familie & Freunde-Aktion können von euch geworbene Neukunden so richtig sparen. I thought you could use twice. Bei Rückfragen stehen wir Ihnen von Montag bis Freitag in der Zeit von 09:00 Uhr bis 18:00 Uhr zur Verfügung. 435 O2 reviews. Ihre Liebsten müssen einfach den Code beim Vertragsabschluss bereithalten und können Online unter „Gutschein einlösen“ oder durch Mitteilen an den Shop-Mitarbeiter dauerhaft 50 % sparen. Hi i just got a new contract and im still at uni so i can recieve the student discount, i also have a friend who works for o2 and they said they could add me to their plan AND i work for the NHS so i could recieve the open discount too lol. how do you apply f&f in 2017 as that site no long is live and also can it be applied to SIMO contracts including discounted ones? What's the O2 community and how to get started? You can get exclusive offers, tickets and experiences for the whole family to enjoy, through our free Priority app. Anzeige. Zobrazit nabídku O2 Family. Carry on browsing without changing your settings if you agree to our use of cookies. @AnonymousI have messaged @MI5 about this. All the staff member kept saying is that I would "need a payslip and email address". Track usage, upgrade and more with our new look app. Bei der Telekom sind es 30% auf alle Tarife. You’ll need the fivecharacter O2 Open company code that you’ll get from youremployer. Anyone can say they work for a qualifying employer. Record it in the Ideas section of the Community, https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Community-Ideas/idb-p/community_ideas. Vor der Bestellung können Sie in der o2 Netzkarte online prüfen, ob das Handynetz in der Region, wo Sie den Tarif überwiegend nutzen möchten, gut ausgebaut ist. https://news.o2.co.uk/press-release/top-of-the-class-o2-offers-teachers-40-discount-on-their-phone-b... A step-by-step guide to registering on our forum. This is one of the most-used guides, so great to have it up to date, Thank you "MI5" for clarifying what the 'benefit', of 30% off my O2, bills that my employer is offering me really means, As the discount only applies to 'Refresh' accounts and I have two SIM only tariff deals on my O2 account, it is not a 'benefit' that my employer has negotiated on behalf of employees that I can take advantage of, Great to to see this updated at last. Anmelden. Hotline: 030-767318501 Fax: 0234-91772577 Mail: aktion-o2@cbs-team.de. Thanks for that info @MI5. Sorry it's not working out for you Paul, but keep it in mind should you ever take a refresh contract. O2 Family details. ... Eine interne Rufnummernportierung von o2 zu o2 ist nicht möglich. unsere Angebote für Selbständige perfekt auf wenige Nutzer abgestimmt – während die O2 Business Angebote exklusive Vorteile für viele Mitarbeiter bieten. Eine Lufthansa Promotion für Friends and Family erzeugt gerade ein wenig Aufmerksamkeit. Über Ihre Registrierung prüfen wir, ob Sie als Mitarbeiter Ihres Unternehmens berechtigt sind, unsere Angebote einzusehen und zu nutzen. Mit dem guten alten Family- & Friends-Prinzip wirbt o2 ab dem 1.9.2020 um neue Kunden. 21. F&F is 50% off the airtime portion of your Refresh contract, or 30% off the total cost if you're on SIM only. Die Preise sind mit der Friends and Family Rate wirklich viel günstiger. It will not be carried forward to an upgrade or a new contract, even if in the same name. Kind regards, I work for the NHS @ my HR do not have a 5 digit code. As I don't have either how can I apply for the discount? Eigentlich ist die Rate für Mitarbeiter und deren Freunde bzw. If you upgrade to a new O2 Refresh contract, you’llneed to re-apply for the O2 Open discount. The O2 Family Plan offers a range of tariffs, services and perks to help family life run a little more smoothly (if that is even possible?). English Vstup do programu. Ob Online oder im Shop, wo Ihre Freunde den neuen O 2 Vertrag abschließen möchten, ist egal. As of 1st February 2017 this guide for the O2 open discount scheme no longer works. Manche Menschen haben ein Niveau, das hat sogar im Keller Höhenangst (Martin Rassau), Hat dir eine Antwort weitergeholfen? The process for requesting a Family and Friends discount for leavers is simple. Currently it's email or payslip verification, so if you can access either, you can get the discount. Wenn ja, markiere den Beitrag bitte als Lösung damit auch andere davon profitieren :). o2 DSL L bleibt auch nach Ostern günstiger. Ah, danke für die Seite, jetzt sehe ich dass es sich hier um die Businesskonditionen hält. Like free tickets and discounts at Merlin attractions. I can walk into your competitors shop with my ID card and get discount as easily as that! “Our employees regularly ask for information to use with friends and family on topics that have been in the news, especially around the holidays,” a Facebook spokeswoman said. Step 1 – RegistrationStart by signing in to My O2 Open at o2.co.uk/open usingyour My O2 username and password. Family and Friends. Yes if the info is out of date although it was recently checked by @Marjo ? Tut uns leid, wir prüfen noch den Inhalt dieser Datei, um sicherzustellen, dass sie gefahrlos heruntergeladen werden kann. I expected a lot more from a company like O2 very poor customer service especially during these difficult times when work is hard to come by. He will see it when he comes on in the morning, I have to say the guide is still correct. What's this about sharing Open codes? In unseren o2 Shops und Partnershops bekommt man Vertraege, Handys, Zubehoer und mehr. o2 Familie & Freunde Aktion im CHECK ️ Ab 1.9.2020: 50% Rabatt verschenken ⭐ 3 Gutscheine zum Weitergeben Infos HIER. Man bietet einen Rabatt von 75% auf die Tickets (ohne Steuern und Gebühren). We will be happy to help you on our customer line. Ist es möglich das ich jetzt auch in … Alternatively you can give us your NationalInsurance number and upload a recent copy of your payslip.We will check these details and send you an email to yourpersonal email address to let you know that you’ve beenvalidated successfully. Als o2-Kunden habt ihr bei euren Liebsten wahrscheinlich bald einen Stein im Brett.

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